To Each Their Own . . .

Some humans are gifted with the ability to throw a ball through a hoop 94 feet away. While others are able to dance on their toes with a posture I am not sure I will ever be able to imitate. And of course, there are those who excel in every subject possible which entitles them to a lifetime of endless possible careers. Sometimes I find myself trying to figure out what category I fit in. I have never been one to assume I am good at something or even state it if I was. If I was good then fine, and if not then great.

There is something significantly special about being able to gather your thoughts and write them down. There’s more time to think with writing. It’s a form of expression, perhaps one with more feeling as it took more thought to write. If there is one thing in life that I might think I am good at, its writing.

I sometimes laugh when I tell this story to prove my expertise (not really) in writing. I once turned in a four page paper for a ten page paper requirement. I had waited until the night before to start on this paper which would become 40% of my final grade. Not to mention, It probably took about an hour worth of effort, and a Dr.Pepper to finish. To my surprise, and to prove my “skill” in writing, I received a 97% as the grade for this paper.

When I won my 7th grade writing competition and received free tickets to a Giants game, I didn’t think I was good at writing, it was just luck. The thing is, I may really not be good at writing, but I genuinely enjoy it. And if you enjoy something, even if you beyond doubt suck at it, I think you should still give it a shot. So this is me giving writing a shot, a chance, I’m giving myself an opportunity to try this whole “writing thing” out.

My cluster of thoughts will sometimes not make sense. But perhaps today, they will.





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