Am I a World Traveler?


If you asked me what I did in 2017, I could sum it up in a couple of words: Spain, Italy, France, Dubai, and oh yes California. I had countless croissants, ravioli, pizza, fried fish, and exotic fruit drinks. I also went to the iconic Disneyland in Paris, and went dune bashing in the Arabian desert. So does this make me a world traveler?

Well, here’s the back story to my travel adventures. I grew up in New Jersey, probably 10-15 minutes away from Times Square, and about an hour or so away from the closest beach. In my fifteen years of living in New Jersey, I probably went to the beach two times, and Times Square about three times. Moral of the story, I never went anywhere when I lived back in the East Coast. Fast forward to when I moved to this square-ish state named Utah. Ahh Utah, why do I even live here? Well, that itself is a story for another day. In any case, moving to Utah was so hard for me. I was not a fan of outdoorsy stuff, so it was very difficult for me to have fun in this new state. I found myself bored to death, and took every opportunity I had to leave this state.

Before I go on, I just have to say that I actually now do enjoy living in Utah. I mean, it’s still a bubble, but I think I can live in this bubble for a little longer. My first exit out of Utah was to California. It was a short 10 hour drive from where I lived in Utah, and I genuinely enjoyed spending time at the beach as well as the theme parks. I found myself traveling to California with my family a couple of times a year, it was absolutely awesome! One day, out of the blue, my brother received a price alert to travel to Barcelona for a dirt cheap price. We literally had about 5 minutes to decide if we should go or not. Well, we decided to take a chance and book this trip. Little did we know that this trip would spark in us a desire to travel the world.

Barcelona is an absolutely beautiful country. The culture is amazing, and the food is incredible. If you ever find yourself in Barcelona, make sure to visit La Boqueria. It’s a huge market filled with the most delicious snacks and drinks. After visiting Barcelona, next came France and croissants. Then we traveled to Italy where I experienced what lemonade or limonata was for the Italians. It was not your sugary lemonade, instead it was water with lemon juice with floating seeds and pulp. I would not reccomend ordering lemonade, but the ravioli is always a good option. Our most recent adventure was to Dubai, what a stunning country!

So the question arises once again, am I a world traveler? Well of course not! I’m a college student living in a squarish state looking for a one way pass to somewhere I’ve never been. I have a full time job, I go to school, I sometimes workout, and now I have this blog to do as well. I am as normal (I assume) as someone my age would be. My occasional travel addiction sometimes kicks in and I find myself in another country where no one knows my name. Can I just say that is the coolest feeling ever? I love going to new places where I can be whoever I want to be, its superb.

I want to travel the world, I want to experience everything and anything at my young age. If you find yourself wanting to do the same, my advice to you would be to just do it! Go book yourself a plane ticket to somewhere you’ve never been. Not in a million years did I think I would visit the places I’ve been to. I know I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to do so, and I’ll take every chance I get to go discover this world we live in.


– World Traveler



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