More than just “About Me”


A l e j a n d r a – “protector of mankind” as believed by Google.

 If I am going to do an “about me” post, it has to get down and REAL.  So let me properly introduce myself:

HELLO! My name is Alejandra, I am a Jersey girl living in Utah. Oh, and I am majoring in Political Science, soon to be English.

– The End.

Well that was easy.. just kidding.

My Family

Where to start? Well, I was born in North Bergen, NJ. I am the middle child, or as I like to put it, “the forgotten child” out of five kids.  My parents are originally from Honduras, but they moved to the United States back in 1985 to start a family. First came my sister Elisa, followed by my brother Oscar, and then came the surprise of myself, and later two little sisters, Nicole and Stephanie. Though we did end up living in Honduras for about three years, the majority of my childhood consisted of an 800 square foot apartment in NJ. We were seven living in this tiny apartment with ONE bathroom. And yet, I wouldn’t have picked a better state to grow up in. New Jersey is, and forever will be my home.

Growing up I was a very shy child. I never was outgoing, and I really kept everything to myself. I never did any sports, but I did excel in school (lame hugh?). One thing I absolutely LOVED when I was little was to read. My reading passion soon became a writing passion. I also have always loved to cook, even at a young age. I have to give my dad all the credit for my love for cooking, he has taught me all I know. Oh, and I should mention, I am well known for my brownies. They are the BOMB.

My Dad’s Restaurant

My life in New Jersey was memorable. My dad owned a restaurant while I was growing up, it was honestly so cool. I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, and the food was to die for. With my dad’s restaurant, came long nights washing dishes and cleaning tables. There were definitely some hard times while he owned the restaurant. I remember going to his restaurant straight after school, and spending my day there until midnight, sometimes one or two in the morning. I even remember falling asleep on the back tables in his restaurant, I became a pro at sleeping on tables. I sometimes feel as if my childhood was swallowed whole because of the sacrifice of the restaurant. Despite the bitter feelings, I will never forget my dad’s restaurant.


When I was in middle school, I definitely had some hard challenges with the friends I chose. Regardless of the experience, I was able to gain many good friends when I went into high school. I spent one year in high school in New Jersey, and three years here in Utah. Why the move to Utah? Well, my family is LDS and we had visited Utah once in the past and we had decided it was best for our family if we made the move. Oh, and college was way cheaper here too.

Life in Utah was a difficult adjustment for my whole family. We were not used to the environment, way of thinking, lack of culture, and we could not get over leaving our friends and family back home. If there was one thing that kept me going, it was the friends I made. Funny story about how I met my friends in Utah. I was sitting all by myself at lunch one day, and a group of girls approached me and asked if they could sit next to me. “NO” was my answer. A couple days later, they came back. But this time they didn’t ask if they could sit next to me, they just did. I am forever grateful for the friendship I have with these girls. They are without a doubt the best thing that has happened to me since moving to Utah.


I am currently going to college, while working a full time job at a health & wellness company. My current major is Political Science, but soon enough it will change to become and English major. I am an occasional and spontaneous traveler. Lately I have been around the world, and my next big trip is just in a short couple of weeks. I am also on a health kick right now, but that may just be because we are in the only month goals are actually practiced (January).  Besides this, there’s not much more to my life.


My favorite things

I haven’t lived long enough to keep on with my life story, so I thought I would share some of my favorite things.

  • I could live on a 32 oz raspberry dream SWIG drink. I absolutely love it so much! #perkofmovingtoUtah
  • PIZZA is my absolute favorite food. The best pizza I’ve ever had came from my dad’s restaurant.
  • Besides writing and reading, I love to cook. It’s a form of therapy for me, and I enjoy feeding others.
  • I am allergic to penicillin, and I share a birthday with Rosa Parks.
  • My favorite part of traveling is trying new foods.
  • I was once Vegan, It lasted for about a month.



Perhaps one day there will more to my “about me”.


My very best friends(:



The End,



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